Bridges to the Future – Campaign Updates

Our Bridges to the Future Campaign was formally launched on Dec 6, 2011 and is in full swing. The BITSConnect 2.0 team is particularly thrilled at the response we’ve received so far. Well, it is fitting because the project is THE biggest Unified Telepresence and Communications Solution that any Indian University has adopted. Alumni are excited that BITS will be adding a whole new dimension to its teaching capabilities and students and faculty are excited for the new opportunities.

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Weekend Witchcrafts – BITSians in film-making

A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Flight to Arras, 1942

The profound quote aptly describes Weekend Witchcrafts.

A few months ago, the BITSConnect 2.0 team threw their way a  task – create a promotional video as a teaser for the project. What we wanted was very clear – we needed to move BITSians in nostalgia, make them reconnect to their BITSian roots (if ever they had lost touch), and get them excited about BITSConnect 2.0. What we gave them to work with was much fuzzier. BITSConnect 2.0, at conception, was still largely the dry subjects of networks and unified communications. Continue reading

BITS Kolaveri

Venu Palaparthi

Venu Palaparthi

BITS Kolaveri – The song that premiered at BITSAA East Coast Gala. Written by Venu Palaparthi (’87). Sung by Tirthankar Das (86), Sandeep Nalgundwar (87), Simu Thomas (87) and a whole bunch of others.



THE video:

Yo boys
I am singing song
Haloo song, flop song

Why in BITS courses, all I ever got is a D!
Graphics, mod-phy, CDCs (music).. a D

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Third BITS 5K Run a Success

Written by Karthikeyan Vijayakumar

We had over 150 BITSians hitting the roads on Nov 6th 2011, running/walking/crawling 5 km at the 3rd BITS 5K run. More than the run, it was the meeting and the laccha after, that were the highlight with BITSians across batches sharing their BITS stories, connecting with BITSians across generations. This group also raised over $500 for the BITS Connect 2.0 project.
This wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts from a big group of people.
  • Thanks to the 150+ runners who ran on Nov 6th – the event happened because of your energy and passion for BITS , Laccha & Fitness (in that order!) Continue reading